This report will assist supervisors and family support workers with identifying missing or incorrect data to ensure a complete and correct dataset is represented.
The data in this report represents fields that have missing answers (left blank) in the corresponding form in DAISEY. Data fields will show up as missing as soon as their due date has passed. Please refer to the MIECHV Data Dictionary on the DAISEY Iowa website for due dates. Please note that profile data is due upon enrollment. Whether or not a caregiver or child is enrolled in any given date range is determined by the enrollment and discharge date on the primary caregiver profile.

Reminder: Changes made in DAISEY will be displayed in the reports the following day.


Use the following filters to determine the data to review: Reporting Year (fiscal year), Reporting Period (Quarter), Grantee Name, Organization Name and County Name.


Note: Reports will only display if the correct Grantee – Organization is selected and matches the user’s access in DAISEY.


To drill down into a specific field, select either the yellow Missing or gray Complete section of the bar. This will organize a list based on the Child or Primary Caregiver DAISEY ID on the right side of the dashboard. To sort the list by another field, select another bar; a dark box will outline the bars of the fields being sorted. To remove the sort, click on the bars again, there should be no bars outlined. For example, to find out which primary caregivers are missing the Name and gender fields, first select the Missing (yellow) bar for First & Last Name field. The list will sort by primary caregivers without a name in DAISEY. Then, select the Missing (yellow) bar for Gender field. The list will first identify those missing a name and a gender.




Form: Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scare form

Questions considered: This visual represents whether or not the form was completed based on the Date of Activity and EPDS Age Interval selected on the form, not if the form was filled out in its entirety.

Who is counted: All children under the age of 12 months who have a primary caregiver who is currently enrolled.


  • Children will be counted when their primary caregiver has been enrolled at least 3 months and continues to be enrolled 30 days past the timing date. For example, for a family that has been enrolled longer than 3 months, if a child turns 6 months old after enrollment, they must be active 30 days after they turn 6 months old in order to be counted as needing an EPDS.
  • The EPDS can be given up to 30 days before the timing date.