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FSP  >  Supervisor/Administrator  >  ECI Director  >  Shanell Wagler and Amanda WinslowJanet Horras


FSP  >  Supervisor/Administrator  >  Amy Stegeman  >  Janet Horras


FSP  >  Supervisor/Administrator  >  PJ West and Kristy RoosaJanet Horras


FSP > Supervisor/Administrator > Abby Patterson > Leslie Dooley


FSP  >  Supervisor/Administrator   >  MIECHV Contract Manager   >  Janet Horras

LSI and Lee County

FSP  >  Supervisor/Administrator   >  PJ West

Promise Partners and Woodbury County Consortium

FSP  >  Supervisor/Administrator   >  Anne Plagge

SIEDA and Operation Threshold

FSP  >  Supervisor/Administrator   >  Kristy Roosa

    • MIECHV & FSSD dual funding: For state-funded programs (ECI, Shared Visions, HOPES-HFI) that also receive MIECHV funding: programs must keep these funding streams separate and enter families into the module through which they are funded (MIECHV or FSSD).
    • New primary caregiver: When the primary caregiver of a family changes, a discharge date should be noted on the original primary caregiver’s profile (which will also apply to associated child profiles). A new primary caregiver profile should be created with an enrollment date equaling the date of the change. New child profiles will then need to be created and associated with the new primary caregiver. This new family will require all enrollment assessments and reports.
    • Re-enrollment: If a family exits then re-enrolls, they should be re-enrolled as a new family since otherwise it would appear as though they were being served during their break in services. Since the program will now have two records of the same family, the current one should be marked “active” in the profile status and the past profile should be marked “inactive” so that the FSP can identify the new profile when searching.
    • Program Transfers: If a family moves to a new county and is enrolled in a new program, they should be discharged from their current program and entered as a new family into the new program (as their DAISEY data is meant to reflect their changes while in the program). Additionally, if a record “transferred,” the first program would lose that family’s data. With signed client consent, programs may share assessments for transferred participants via printing and sending hard copies.
      • If a family moves to a new county but is still enrolled in the same program, nothing should change (since profile information is a snapshot of the family at enrollment).
    • Data Access: Statewide access: KU Iowa’s DAISEY team (on an as-needed basis), IDPH state staff (Janet Horras and Anne Plagge). The following individuals will have either full access or report-only access to their programs:
      • ECI-funded programs: Shanell Wagler, Amanda Winslow
      • Shared Visions-funded programs: Amy Stegeman
      • HOPES-funded programs (IDPH): PJ West, Kristy Roosa
      • DHS-funded programs: Leslie Dooley, Abby Patterson (report only)
      • Access within an organization: whoever the organization/program sets up. Individual DAISEY users can now be tied to a program, so security will be tighter for organizations with more than one program in DAISEY.
    • Blended Family Structure in DAISEY: When parents are divorced/separated and both parents are involved in home visiting services, treat this as one family in DAISEY. To do this, choose one parent as the primary caregiver to enter into DAISEY; the other parent can optionally be entered under a caregiver profile and marked as the secondary caregiver. If other children are involved in home visiting who are not tied to both parents, these families can be split into two families. An example of this would be if the father and mother have a child, separate, and the father has a child with another women. If both children and all three parents are involved in your program’s home visiting services, these families should be recorded as two families (with each child entered only once even if they are seen with both families).

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    DAISEY account information should not be shared between multiple staff members.  Each staff performing data entry or running reports will need their own DAISEY account.

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