Caregiver Quarterly

This report will assist supervisors and family support workers with identifying missing or incorrect data to ensure a complete and correct dataset is represented.

The section below contains information about each tab in the Iowa FSSD Report.

Reminder: Primary Caregivers and children under the age of 6 with profiles and assessments entered into DAISEY are included in this report. The data only reflects families that are actively enrolled during the date range selected in the filter.

“Active/Inactive” status in DAISEY does not apply determine who is counted in this report. Meaning, because a Child or Primary Caregiver is entered as “Inactive” does not exclude them from these reports.

Instructions for accessing underlying client level data and downloading PDF versions of reports are available in the DAISEY Technical Assistance Brief – How to Use DAISEY Reports.

What does this report represent

The data in this report represents fields that have missing answers (left blank) in the corresponding form in DAISEY. The missing data in each bar will be represented by a yellow box and the completed fields are represented by a gray box.

Using Filters

Use the following filters to determine the data to review:

Reporting Year (fiscal year), Reporting Period (Quarter), and Short-term or Long-term program (applies PFS/LSP tab only), Organization Name, Program Name and County Name.


3- Caregiver Quarterly

Figure 4

Figure 4


Form: Primary Caregiver Profile and Quarterly Report

Questions considered: Enrollment Date, Is this the primary caregiver, Discharge Date, Date of Activity, Quarterly Report (timing selected)

Who is counted: All Primary Caregivers who are active anytime during the date range selected.


  • Quarterly Reports will show as missing until they have a Date of Activity (saved/submitted Quarterly Report) in the date range selected.
  • If there is more than one Quarterly Report for a Primary Caregiver within a quarter, they will show up in the Multiple category (Fig. 4, top bar).
  • Only data in the most recently completed quarterly report in the date range selected will be shown in the FSSD Quarterly, Mid-year, Annual Report. Therefore, if two quarterly reports were completed for a caregiver and the 1st one has the child had “4” HVs and the 2nd report is blank, the 2nd report will be represented in the FSSD Quarterly, Mid-year, Annual Report which may be inaccurate.