This report contains information required by funders in the state of Iowa, as well as data that programs can use for program planning, evaluation, and Quality Improvement activities.

The section below contains information about each tab in the Iowa FSSD Report.

Reminder: Primary Caregiver and children with profiles and assessments entered into DAISEY will be represented in reports. The data only reflects families that are actively enrolled during the date range selected in the filter.

What does this report represent

This reports represents data entered into DAISEY for Iowa FSSD programs. Some graphs may have Unknown or Invalid data.  To review Unknown or Invalid data in these reports, review underlying data to determine what data needs corrected. Instructions for accessing underlying client level data and downloading PDF versions of reports are available in the DAISEY Technical Assistance Brief – How to Use DAISEY Reports.


Use the following filters to determine the data to review:

Reporting Year (fiscal year), Reporting Period (Quarter), and Short-term or Long-term program (applies to PFS/LSP tab only), Organization Name, Program Name and County Name.


9- ASQ: SE-2


Form: Primary Caregiver Profile, Child Profile, ASQ:SE-2

Questions considered: Enrollment and Discharge Date, Child Date of Birth, ASQ:SE-2 form: Date of Activity, Which Child was involved, Screening Month

Who is counted: All children between the ages of 6 and 60 months whose families are active for 30 days prior to the appropriate assessment timing as indicated by the ASQ:SE-2 schedule.


  • Children will show in this report when the end of the timing window falls in the date range selected. For example, when a child turns 6 months old, the ASQ:SE-2 can be completed anywhere from when the child is 3 months up to when the child is 8 months old. It is when the child turns 8 months old that they will show up in the report as Screened or Not Screened. Refer to ASQ:SE-2 for assessment timelines.
  • Although the ASQ:SE-2 is not required for all programs, DAISEY does not know which programs this applies to so it looks at all children puts them into the Screened or Not Screened category.